DownUnderGround pre contest jam

Today was a fantastic day for flatland in Australia today but tomorrow will be even better. Today saw a large contingency of riders hitting the famous Imax location in Melbourne the city of the finals of the DownUnderGround contest series. So much good times went down with so many tricks happening that
we will let the photos tell the stories.

Clock wise from top left – Chris  and Matt were flying in from Tasmania but due to heavy fog at Melbourne their flight got diverted to Adelaide and they got stuck there the whole day and so missed the jam but they still hit up some styles at a spot they found at the airport, Matt Wootton reppin it. – Ronni Rampton from Brisbane – June Donga from New Zealand now living in Melbourne – Brett Dighton from Brisbane.

 Clock wise from top left – Kit Mckenna from Melbourne – Tomy Idler from Stuttgart, Germany – Sean Chua from Melbourne – Karl Hughes from Melbourne.

Clock wise from top left – Paul Chamberlain from Sydney – Grant Cruise from Melbourne – Shane Khong from Melbourne – Eiji Kataka from Japan via Kununurra.

Clock wise from top left – Ben Moran from Wanbra, Victoria – Phillip Fruh from Germany now living in Melbourne – Kim Bloodson from Perth – Chris Carver from Melbourne

Clock wise from top left – Andrew Lightbody from Sydney – Shaun Jarvis from Perth – the group photo at the after jam dinner and drinks – The game of the weekend is, if you say the word “mine” you have to do ten push ups, Paul Chamberlain taking the piss out of Kit McKenna.

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