Friday pre DownUnderGround jam jam at Imax

Today was a gathering at the famous flatland riding spot in Melbourne, Imax. Riders who have travelled from around Australia and the world converged to enjoy all things that make flatland and the DownUnderGround
contest series great. Tomy Idler traveled all the way from Stuttgart Germany spending 25 hours travelling and went straight out and rode. Enjoy these snapshots of this moment in time. See you at the pre DownUnderGround jam tomorrow at Imax.

Tomy Idler all the way from Germany and straight away getting into the Aussie sprit with a beer and a ciggy at 10am.

Eiji Kataka smashing it out no handed

Tomy Idler 25 hours on a plane and still hitting it up

Tomy and Eiji maxin and relaxin

Tomy Idler catching up one some sleep

Paul Chamberlain get the pre jam jam rollin

After jam drinks at the Pony bar – left to right – Phillip Fruh, Eiji Kataka, Tomy Idler, Kit Mckenna, Paul Chamberlain

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