Introducing Locky Naef (& worlds first carved, wooden BMX??)

I first got to know Locky a few years ago when I was running the new defunct Newcircle BMX Flatland Store. Locky had been into BMX for a long while at that point, though through a few changes in his scene was making the transition across to Flatland. He is always a straight shooter and as I got to know him and we became friends you really get to see how much artistic talent he has; not just in his riding, but also through his artwork as well. More recently he has also devoted time to creating what I think might be a world first: a wooden BMX that he carved himself!

A top bloke all round, it’s long overdue that we spent a bit of time with Locky and got to know what makes him tick…

Shane Badman December 2013

Name and how long have you been involved with the sport of BMX? And flatland – have you been into it from the start?

Locky Naef, i’m 28 and would have been riding over 15 years within BMX in some way. I started riding everything in the 90’s on my old HARO. Took to dirt pretty heavy in my early 20s, Then after having 2 sets of trails destroy by the local 4wd knobs and local council I left town.

Having to begin building all over again I gave up dirt. Got wind of some state of the art outdoor basketball court being built, so got myself flat ready bike as I was bummed out from riding dirt solo for 10 years. The court turned out to be laid like shit, some tradies out here need their ass kicked!

Been riding flat for the past 4 years I think. The last 12 months has been a disgusting amount of riding, that’s thanks to the demands of life and trying to make a living.

Locky Naef - hitchiker

Locky Naef – hitchiker

What are your earliest memories of BMX? Does the feeling you have now of riding differ much or at all from the early days?

Doing wheelies past the other kids on my ride to school, mowing lawns for dirt, digging in the rain until my parents found me and kicked my ass, getting a shovel for Christmas.
These days riding is a chance to forget the stress of life. I don’t get to ride a lot but the time I do I am more focused and still love it.

You live out in country NSW. How do you find that pace of life? What are some of the things you really enjoy? What kind a of BMX scene is there?

Pace of life in the last 5 years has changed here, it’s not what it used to be. All these mines are driving the cost of living up and its getting hard for the people who have lived here happily for most of there lives. Small town living is being stolen buy rich pockets.

I just like to keep myself busy, ride and create and keep myself happy. I always need some project to focus on to keep my head up from all the bullshit of life.

There used to be a nice BMX scene here with older guys through to some groms, I don’t know what happened, but a few old guys gave it up and the rest followed. Not a single BMXer left in this town.

I understand (and have seen!) that you’re also into a lot of design and art work. What is your history there?

I grew up playing music, art, riding and inventing stupid little things. Living in a small town there’s not a lot to do, so you have to create things to do. Local kids and I still believe we invented skim boarding well before it came about. We just did it on the school oval covered in duck shit!

I now work as a sign writer doing wraps on vehicles, billboards and shopfronts. The industry is not what it used to be, it’s less hands on now.

Art and design is just like riding, sometimes these things you vision in your head you just have to get them done to clear the brain for the next idea.

The Art of Flatland

The Art of Flatland

Where do you take your inspirations from for your art?

I’m not to sure if i’m inspired much, I just see things in my head which would be cool or give me a little laugh to make, then over-think how I’m going to make it happen. I’m a bit selfish with my art, in that I’m creating things to please myself. Too many artists out there are just making shit to please others to make a sale.

I’ve been through that a few years back, stenciled some stupid shit and sold it all. Now I can spend months on something with a bit more thought and it will never sell as it hasn’t got that street art / contemporary gimmick tag.

It’s been getting a few eyeballs on Global-Flat, but you’ve recently completed a carving of a Quamen G9 Clad frame out of wood. What’s the motivation behind that?

I had a baby BMXer 6 months back and I wanted to build all his toys myself. So I carved a set of intrikat bars for him to hold onto and play with. Got some comments on Global asking if I was doing a frame or a complete and I accepted that challenge.

Like Father, like Son

Like Father, like Son

What are your plans with the carved frame once it’s all done – can we expect to see a complete bike made? Do you think you’ll be able to ride it?

Yeah I’ve just completed the complete bike as of yesterday – all made from timber and leather. It all functions like a real bike though the scale of it is pretty small so it definitely won’t be rideable. At one point I was thinking it could be and was even going to have proper axles and bearings.

It has taken me a good 3 months of carving late at night to get this done. Im happy to have it finished!

Locky Naef carving and his bike he carved

Locky Naef carving and his bike he carved

Any plans for the future? Any chance we might be able to see you getting to a future DownUnderGround contest?

The future is an experiment. Plan is in a few years to move to Canada with my family. Wife will have the big dollar job and I will get some time off to get some things done and bring up my boy with all things BMX.
DUG I would like to get to, but a little unsure with having a baby and all, unsure if i will be able to make it. It would be good to get down as in 4 years i’ve never ridden with another flat rider.
Its true.
You’re all welcome to come outback for a ride though!



And on that note, any main goals with your riding?

Just hoping to get some more time to ride and get life to slow down a bit.
Having down time gives me so many ideas so I just hope to get the time to try to make some things happen and progress some more then I have in the past year.

Final thanks? Shout outs to anyone? Words of wisdom?

Thanks Badman for the opportunity to do this interview and your advice with riding.
Thanks to my wife for keeping me on my toes. Thanks to my new little man keeping me busy and laughing. He’s a big boy for his age so he should be on some wheels soon.

You can also keep up to date with what I do by checking out my website

WOOD CARVED BMX from locky naef on Vimeo.

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