Who’s Downunder: Philipp Frueh

Intro and post by Locky Naef.

You learn something new everyday, Germans surf.
Seems to be a theme running with some of the Aussie riders, a lot of them are imports. Making his way from Germany to Australia chasing the sunshine, surf, spots and a sun tan. (shouldn’t have moved to Melbourne) Now calling Australian his home for the time being and getting to session with the ageing Aussie flatland scene.

First up, give your fellow riders a brief introduction about yourself ? How long you have been riding and how you got started?
Hello, my name is Phil. I’m not the youngest anymore and I’ve been riding BMX for around 20 years. I’m originally from Germany and I moved to Melbourne 4 years ago. I started riding with a friend who had a BMX and after a few tries on his bike I wanted my own bike.

Tell us a little bit about where you ride and the guys you ride with?
I live in the suburbs of Melbourne and I usually ride at the world-famous imax spot. Occasionally I ride near my house too. At IMAX I ride with the Melbourne crew, mainly June, Grant, Badman, King, Kit and a few more.

Philipp Frueh | DownUnderGround

Philipp Frueh | DownUnderGround

What was it about Australia which made you move here, and stay so long?
I visited Australia the first time in 2000 with my BMX and I really liked it. It took me a while to come back, but I finally made it. I moved to Australia because I thought the weather will always be good, but maybe I shouldn’t have moved to Melbourne (-;

Whats your thoughts on flatland in Australia? How does riding in OZ differ from riding back in Germany?
I really like the flatland scene in Australia. Everyone is really friendly and good fun to ride with. Pretty much everyone is older than thirty, that means we’ve all been into BMX a long time and we know how to have fun. No one takes it too seriously.

The main difference to Germany is that there are no young riders starting with flatland. That means the scene is getting smaller and smaller, which is a shame. Young riders are usually very motivated and enthusiastic, which really helps pushing you and learning new tricks.

Philipp Frueh | Imax Karl Kruiser

Philipp Frueh | Imax Karl Kruiser

So here is the speed round / citizenship test. Rules. Answers only with “Germany” or “Australia”
Best spots – Australia
Best beer – Australia
Hottest girls – Germany
Public transport – Germany
Meat pies – Australia
Parties – Germany
Road trips – Germany
Surf – Australia

What is it about flatland that keeps you riding after so many years? Do you still get the same feelings riding now as when you began?
Good question, have never really thought about it. I think the main motivator nowadays for me is to ride with friends. It’s always amazing how well BMX riders get along with each other, even if they are from different countries and even if they only know each other for only a few hours.

The main difference compared to when I started is that I don’t ride much by myself anymore. When I started I rode every day for many hours just by myself because I wanted to become better and learn all the tricks.

Do you have some other interest outside of BMX?
Mainly two things: playing with my dog Mango and surfing.

And lastly, any shout outs?
Thanks to all my friends inside and outside of BMX.

Philipp Frueh | Imax switch

Philipp Frueh | Imax switch

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