Australia Flatland went to Flatark – by Matt Wootton

In late October 7 riders from Australia travelled to Japan to attend the Flatark contest in Kobe. Paul Chamberlain form Sydney, Shane Badman and Luke Bachelor from Melbourne, Shaun Jarvis and Jason Parker from Perth and Chris Letchford and Matt Wootton from Launceston. Between them all many photos and videos were taken, so expect to see much more of this journey emerge over the next few months here on BMXflatlandAustralia. This is the first of many of them videos and photo galleries. This one comes from the gopo video master Matt Wootton. His videos are always well made and really capture the feel of the experience. Give it a watch and get yourself sorted to attend Flatark for 2015, as most of those that attended from Australia are already in the planning to make it happen.

flatland Australian Flatark crew 2014 1

Left to Right – Shane Badman, Paul Chamberlain, Chris Letchford, Matt Wooton, Shaun Jarvis, Jason Parker, Luke Bachelor and the hotel guy in Kobe.

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