Dez Maarsen on Freestyle Now! Shaun Jarvis gives the background…

Dutch professional rider, Dez Maarsen, recently signed a deal with Freestyle Now as their newest team member. Dez absolutely shreds so it was great to be able to see this connection made. We caught up with Freestyle Now chief, Shaun Jarvis, for the low down on what’s going on…

(Thanks to Freestyle Now and Dez for the images used)

1) Congratulations on getting Pro Rider, Dez Maarsen on Freestyle Now! How did this deal come about?

During the open class contest at Flatark me and fellow squad member Paul Chamberlain were on the sidelines watching the warm up and Paul says to me that Dez doesn’t have a sponsor. I was speechless, one of the top riders in the world who has no support from companies to help with his riding, really I could not believe it. I knew that Paul had known Dez for sometime from the European contests that Paul had been to and I trust Paul’s judgment on character, it’s the same way that we put Tánh Gà on the squad from Vietnam. So I just said to Paul “we should put him on the squad” and Paul was just like “yeah man”. We spoke to Dez briefly at the after party and he seemed to be down with it. It was a decision that was fairly quick, I don’t think it was something to think about to much. Dez is a rad rider and dude and why not have him hooked up. I said to Dez, that the main goal of Freestyle Now is to promote radness, he replied “sounds rad, lets promote radness”.

2) Can you tell us the details of what is involved in the deal?

Well I can’t tell you what is in the contract as that is confidential but I can say we are stoked and so is Dez. Like any sponsorship it’s a two way street, they do something the company does something. For Dez it’s more about Freestyle Now hooking up one of the world’s best flatland riders with whatever product he wants and in return he promotes Freestyle Now via his mediums. He does something we do something. That’s a sponsorship. We also hope to help out Dez with some travel as well. Dez is a world class rider and so he should have some good hook ups.

Dez ripping at Flatark 2015 in Japan

Dez ripping at Flatark 2015 in Japan

3) This is the second BMX rider that Freestyle Now have on the team who is based outside Australia, any chance we’ll be seeing Dez over here?

It would be rad to get Tánh Gà and Dez Maarsen over here at the same time. We are working on maybe getting Tánh over for a DownUnderGround but there is a lot of visa issues with language barrier stuff as well. Maybe there might be a Freestyle Now tour of Vietnam.

4) Is there a possibility of Freestyle Now expanding outside of Australia?

Australia what you mean Australia, I’m already in talks with NASA about getting the opening celebrations on Mars.

5) What are the qualities that you look for in a rider?

Radness , professionalism, riding awesome, Having an awesome attitude, Being awesome when approached by others, Maintaining an awesome presence at all events, Thinking of awesome tricks, Being respectful to others that are awesome, Helping others to become awesome. So in short they need to have some awesome radness.

6) Great to see Dez rocking the new Colony Exon gear as well. How did that all come about?

Freestyle Now is Australian, Colony is Australian, that’s the connection.

7) Shaun, you’ve been in BMX since before the wheel was invented. What do you see as important for the sport to keep progressing?

Youth, new doors being opened and closing the old ones, youth, recognizing the past but not living in it, youth, and more youth.
In Australia we don’t have any new young rider in flatland. Bmx in general is booming and flowing like a river in a flood. Flatland in Australia is like Lake Eyre dried up with a little bit of water under the surface. Im not sure how we get more younger riders into flatland. Downunderground is one medium that can help.
To many bmx riders don’t know they ride flatland. At the finals of DUG in Melbourne I said to 3 young bmxers are you entering, nar I cant ride flatland, I said can you foot jam whip, yes, can you manual, yes, can you hop bars, yes, can you half cab, yes, then you can ride flatland. The look I got from them, bewildered. I think too many riders think its all about the spins and links and mad combos. Its not. The definition of bmx flatland is to “doing tricks on a bike without the aid of a ramp, just on the flat ground or flatland.

8) How regularly does Dez need to roll out the radness?

Rolling out the rad is something everyone should do sponsored or not. Dez is a regular rad roller.

Dez Maarsen's new Colony EXON ride

Dez Maarsen’s new Colony EXON ride

9) Thanks for your time Shaun and congrats again on the deal. Any last words?

Thanks for the questions, Freestyle Now is stoked to have Dez Maarsen as part of the squad. ive spent enough time with these questions now so its time to Freestyle Now…………..before its too late

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