Melbourne Imax flatland jam – by June Dungca

IMAX Melbourne. To most, if not all, Australian riders, it’s arguably the best Flatland spot in the country. It’s unfortunate that these days that regular sessions are few and far between. Apart from the DownUnderground contest series, big jams are more of a rarity. This is why the Melbourne Flatland Scene has decided to set up an event to get the Melbourne Flatlanders out to ride together. It would also be the “last hurrah” before winter sets in and a few riders go in hibernation mode.

For a while now, the Melbourne Flatland scene has been steadily growing. Along with the usual suspects, we’ve had a few guys that used to ride start to resurface after getting bitten by the flatland bug again. We even have new blood come in to the scene, which is great to see (Fiona Browne)!

A date was set and the event was created and shared around to generate interest. The main intention was for it to be just a Jam with no pressure. Just a relaxed, friendly day to see old friends and meet new people. Ride On BMX heard about the jam and offered their support and provided some goods to be given away on the day. It’s great to see local support for the Flatland scene!

I arrived at the spot at around 10am but there were early risers that have been there since 8.30am! It’s great to see that things were pretty much already in full swing by then with 4 riders and a couple of spectators present. Through the course of the morning, more riders showed up. The ones that knew each other was happy to see their friends while the new ones were all introduced to everyone. Weather was on our side too and despite being a little windy, the Sun was out and temps were perfect for riding!

June Dungca - Melbourne Imax bmx flatland jam may 2016

Everyone was riding hard on the day with a wide variety of styles on display. From the Old School to New School. We also had some working hard on their new tricks! They were all doing their own thing but they also all had one thing in common…..They were all having a blast being on their bikes! Just before midday, a Live Facebook feed was also started and continued on for 30mins where everyone was encouraged to ride and showcase the jam over the internet for whoever could be watching and for the rest of the Australian Flatland Scene. A few more people showed up after lunch with spectators both non-riders and also bmxers of other disciplines came to check things out.

In the afternoon, everyone present, was given a piece of paper and was asked for two names. Who they thought was the “Rider of the day” and the person that they thought was the most motivated on the day. After the votes were cast and tallied, Ben Pawluk took out the “Rider of the day” award for riding hard all day, doing a good variety of tricks and just having a great vibe and attitude! The Motivation prize went to RongKing Tan “King” for his dedication on working on new tricks (Bike Flips!!). Ben took home a pair of Odyssey Frequency G tires and Colony grips while King was given Division grips as well. Special mention goes to Scott Hone, who was also riding hard throughout the day and garnered a few votes. He hasn’t been to any of the big events in IMAX and seemed stoked to be there and meet other riders. He took home a pair of Division grips as well.

We were riding until sunset where when majority of us decided to call it a day. We all said our goodbyes, with some organising to meet up again in the near future. All in all, we think that the Jam was a success and it achieved it’s main goal of bringing riders of all riding styles and skill levels together for a day of good vibes and riding. I’m sure that they all came away with that extra bit of motivation to keep going through the winter!

Thanks to all the riders and spectators that came to the event, Still Motion Media for taking amazing photos, Ride On Bmx for their continued support for the Flatland scene and David Rooney, Jay Kemeys Williams and Grant Cruise for help organising the event and on the day. Australian Flatland is alive and well!!

Check out the photos taken below from Still Motion Media, some of the best photos taken at a jam. An edit of the day is on the works so stay tuned!! See you again at the next jam!!

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