DownUnderGround 2016 – the video round – results

The 2016 DownUnderGround Round 2 – the video round – results are now in.

DownUnderGround has been running since 2008. Back then there were 4 contests around Australia. As Australia is a large country and travel can be expensive it was cut down to only 3 contests and then finally to its current form two contests and one video contest. The video contest concept is simple, each rider gets to submit one contest video run up to two minutes long, as if they were riding at a flatland contest. The video run gets judged using the same criteria as a normal contest, difficulty, consistency and variety. Riders placing go towards the end of year title. It was good to see some good riding going on all around Australia.

The winners in expert and open will share in $300 worth of travel to the next DownUnderGround contest thanks to Freestyle Now and the other place getters will be receiving some great prizes from our long time supporter Colony BMX and GAIN Protection

The 3 judges this year with great pleasure were international legendary riders Effraim Catlow , Michael Steingraeber and James McGraw. We were very stoked to have these legends judging the contest. Each of these riders have contributed so much to the global flatland scene over the many many years

This type of contest helps to promote bmx flatland in Australia. The Australian scene is a small one compared to many other countries with most riders over the age of 30 years old. New riders are needed to get into flatland and this is one of the primary goals of the DownUnderGround contest series. For 2016 is was great to see some beginners entering the contest and we also received our first female entry thanks to surfers paradise Ina Queiss.

A very big thanks you to everyone who filmed a video and submitted it as your contribution helps to grow the bmx flatland scene in Australia, to our supporters, Freestyle Now, Colony bmx and GAIN protection and most of all to our judges Effraim Catlow , Michael Steingraeber and James McGraw for giving up their time to judge the contest.

Round 3 of DownUnderGround will be taking place at Imax in Melbourne on the 26th November we hope to see you there and support the Australian bmx flatland scene.

Open class

1st place – Simon O’Brien from Sydney, New South Wales – 204 points

2nd place – Paul Chamberlain from Sydney, New South Wales – 182 points

3rd place – Lee Kirkman from Beenleigh, Queensland – 158 points

4th place – M Aristyo Rahadiyan (aka AIS) from Melbourne, Victoria – 133 points


Expert class

1st place – Shaun Jarvis from Perth, Western Australia – 172 points

2nd place – Jason Parker from Cowramup, Western Australia – 159 points

3rd place – Matt Spencer from Griffith – New South Wales – 152 points

4th place – June Dungca from Melbourne, Victoria – 143 points

5th place – Scott Hone from Melbourne, Victoria – 137 points

6th place – Chris Letchford from Launceston, Tasmania – 129 points


Beginner class

1st place – David Rooney from Melbourne, Victoria – 143 points

2nd place – Ina Queiss from Surfers Paradise – Queensland – 139 points

3rd place – Jesse Konka from Sydney, New South Wales – 130 points

4th place – Richie Spencer from Griffith – New South Wales – 111 points

5th place – Sven Fea from Brisbane, Queensland – 96 points

6th place – Rusty Eylward Pilko from Melbourne, Victoria – 86 points

Round 3 of DownUnderGround will be taking place at Imax in Melbourne on the 26th November we hope to see you there and support the Australian bmx flatland scene.


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