DownUnderGround round 3 – The Finals

DownUnderGround round 3 – The finals took place in Melbourne at Imax, this was the end of series 8. The turnout for this contest was one of the biggest we have had in Australia in many years. Melbourne seems to have the most concentrated number of flatland riders and most of them all were able to make it to the contest. Interstate travelers made up the rest of the numbers with total of 22 competitors in front of a good sized Melbourne Imax crowd. The riders rode for most of the afternoon, hanging out, talking and catching up with good friends.

The beginners were the first class to start things off. It was Bevan Cowan who took the first place, with no pegs and did lot of Street inspired maneuvers. David Rooney took second only having coming back to the riding scene after a 15 year break. It was good to see the father and son team of Rusty Eylward-Piko and Seth Eylward-Piko taking 3rd and 6th. Young Richie Spencer taking took the fourth place with his progression being evident. Daniel Moorefield after being told that he should entrer took home the 5th place and a large smile.

Jason Parker from Western Australia hadn’t rode for 6 weeks and then smashed out some good consistent riding and took the win in the expert class. He was shocked and stoked to take the win, it was great to see. German transplant now Melbourne resident Philipp Frueh took out the second with Tasmanian rider Chris Letchford taking third. Shaun Jarvis from Perth, Western Australia took the fourth place with nearly a flawless run in his first round. Matt Wootton from Launceston Tasmania took 5th and coming back to the contest scene in his first contest in over 20 years is Trent Karow from Western Australia, who took 6th, Trent has only gotten back into riding in the last year. 7th Place went to Ben Pawluk who had some grest backwards cliffhangers all done on the longest bike at the contest. 8th was for Matt Spencer who was suffering some major leg cramps just before the contest started talking place. Not good to see but we were glad he soldered on and got the job done. June Dungca took the ninth place and did a cracker of a halfpacker combo in his second run. It was good to see Andre Martin back on his bike taking tenth. Thore Saggau struggled with the surface and took out the 11th place and 12th went to Paul Knox after suffering a pretty heavy slam in his second round right at the start bruising his thumb fairly bad.

In the open class there were quite a few of the main riders absent. Paul Chamberlain was not and did his normal flawless smoothness round of tricks taking first place. Indonesian transplant Mohamad Aristyo Rahadiyan (a.k.a. Ice) took the second spot with some good flow. Good to see Grant Cruise Melbourne legend taking third. The boss from Colony BMX, long time supporter, Clint Millar taking out the 4th.

The two winners for the year end title went to Shaun Jarvis in the expert class and Paul Chamberlain in the open class. Good work from both of the riders for their continual push with flatland in Australia

It was great to see so many riders supporting flatland and DownUnderGround is set to return again for 2017 with a few changes (more info on that later). We need to thank all of the competitors for coming out and supporting and helping to grow flatland in Australia, without them the scene might fade to black. We would also like to thank long time sponsors Freestyle Now  and Colony Bmx their continual support and involvement. Much thanks also to GAIN protection , Anchor BMX , Nothing Wrong , Level bmx and Solid Signs.

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DownUnderGround – Round 3 – The finals – official results – 26th November 2017

Beginners – 1st Beven Cowan, 2nd Dave Rooney, 3rd Rusty Eylward-Piko, 4th Richie Spencer, 5th Daniel Morfield, 6th Seth Eylward-Piko

Expert – 1st Jason Parker, 2nd Philipp Frueh, 3rd Chris Letchford, 4th Shaun Jarvis, 5th Matt Wootton, 6th Trent Karow, 7th Ben Pawluk, 8th Matt Spencer, 9th June Dungca, 10th Andre Martin, 11th Thore Saggau, 12th Paul Knox

Open – 1st Paul Chamberlain, 2nd Mohamad Aristyo Rahadiyan, 3rd Grant Cruise, 4th Clint Millar

Paul Chamberlain and Shaun Jarvis. Series 8 year end winners

Paul Chamberlain and Shaun Jarvis. Series 8 year end winners with trophies from Solid Signs.

The open Class top 3

The open Class top 3 – 1st Paul Chamberlain, 2nd Mohamad Aristyo Rahadiyan, 3rd Grant Cruise


 The expert class top 3 – 1st Jason Parker, 2nd Philipp Frueh, 3rd Chris Letchford


1st Paul Chamberlain open class


2nd Mohamad Aristyo Rahadiyan open class


3rd Grant Cruise open class


4th Clint Millar open class


1st Jason Parker expert class


2nd Philipp Frueh expert class


3rd Chris Letchford expert class


4th Shaun Jarvis expert class


5th Matt Wootton expert class


6th Trent Karow expert class

7th Ben Pawluk expert class


8th Matt Spencer expert class


9th June Dungca expert class


10th Andre Martin expert class


11th Thore Saggau expert class


12th Paul Knox expert class


1st Beven Cowan beginner class


2nd Dave Rooney beginner class


3rd Rusty Eylward-Piko beginner class


4th Richie Spencer beginner class


5th Daniel Morfield beginner class


6th Seth Eylward-Piko beginner class

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