DownUnderGround Round 2 – Bridport highlight video

back in June round 2 of DownUnderGround – the Australian national bmx flatland contest series, took place in Bridport Tasmania. The last time DownUnderGround was in Bridport was back in 2011. It was good to see the riders travelling from around Australia to attend. The contest took place at the Bridport Aerodrome thanks to Flinders Island Aviation, a very unique location for sure. The spectator turnout was great with many people in Bridport coming out to watch. Semi retired flatland rider Damon Fox was there with his crazy weird bike for lots of people to ride which was a great opportunity to get people active. The is the higlights of the contest thanks to Jasper for filming and editing the video

Round 3 the finals take place in Melbourne at the Melbourne Imax on the Saturday 25th November. More info will be posted soon. See you there.


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