About Us

Flatland BMX is the purest form of BMX. Needing nothing more than the ground and your BMX, you can bust out with your own creativity and energy.

Australia is a vast country with large distances between cities. We are fortunate to have a lot of talented riders spread out all over the country and not just in the major cities. This large distance in some way has made it hard to riders to gather but it has also meant that Australia had bread some very individual talented riders, including Simon O’Brien who is a previous X-Games Gold medal winner and Shane Badman who is a current 2 x Guinness World Record holder.

The DownUnderground national contest series is a great way to meet other riders within Australia and the perfect reason to travel to meet with friends to ride and to socialize.

BMXflatlandAustralia.com is the central hub for information on all the flatland activity within Australia. The growth of bmx flatland in Australia is the goal we wish to achieve.

Everyone involved with BMXflatlandAustralia.com are riders. We have all been involved with the sport in many ways for a very long time and have a lot of knowledge to share.

So take your time, have a look through the site, get the information you need – then get psyched to go out and ride!!

The team at BMXflatlandAustralia.com