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Dez ripping at Flatark 2015 in Japan

Dez Maarsen on Freestyle Now! Shaun Jarvis gives the background…

Dutch professional rider, Dez Maarsen, recently signed a deal with Freestyle Now as their newest team member. Dez absolutely shreds so it was great to be able to see this connection made. We caught up with Freestyle Now chief, Shaun Jarvis, for the low down on what’s going on… (Thanks to Freestyle Now and Dez […]

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Simon O’Brien in Diversion TV

Bobby Carter is a name nearly everyone in the flatland game should know of. He’s travelled nearly all corners of the globe, documenting everything In the BMX flatland world as he goes. Going back to the early 2000s, Bobby spent some time in Australia documenting the Brisbane scene at the time and then made his […]

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Shane Badman_Perth_Photo by Andras Pentek

Who’s Downunder: Shane Badman

Intro and text by Locky Naef. The character of Shane Badman. One of many promoters of the Australian scene of Flatland and always got his hands in on Aussie flat happenings. Clocking in many years and years on the bike all over the planet, and still loving it. Former half of Newcircle which did spur […]

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Simon O’Brien in Japan 2014 | Backpacker | Photo: Jason Halayko, Tensai Riot

Who’s Downunder: Simon O’Brien

Words and intro by Locky Naef. If your thinking about getting into flatland, Simon O’Brien is defiantly a name to know and respect in Australian flatland and globally. He’s got X-Games Gold, Circle of Balance invites, 2 solo DVDs and some impressive, original and stylish tricks. It would seem to watch a video of Simon […]

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Philipp Frueh | DownUnderGround

Who’s Downunder: Philipp Frueh

Intro and post by Locky Naef. You learn something new everyday, Germans surf. Seems to be a theme running with some of the Aussie riders, a lot of them are imports. Making his way from Germany to Australia chasing the sunshine, surf, spots and a sun tan. (shouldn’t have moved to Melbourne) Now calling Australian […]

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Colony Prody frames

Clint Millar talks about the Colony Prody

We recently talked about the newly released Colony Prody frame and Ross D Lav sat down with us to talk about his complete Colony Prody build. You can check out that article by clicking here. Next step is to go straight to the top and talk to the man behind Colony and the Prody frame: […]

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