DownUnderGround Contest Series

DownUnderGround national BMX Flatland contest series commenced in 2008. Conceived by Paul Chamberlain and Shaun Jarvis who saw the need for an Australian wide national BMX flatland competition series. The main motivation behind the commencement of the series was and still is, the promotion of BMX flatland in Australia. The contests are managed and organized with fun being the main theme as this is to ensure that the core elements of bmx flatland is promoted.

Right from the start Freestyle Now  has been and still is the main supporter of the contest series offering its vast experience in competition management skills and promotion. Colony bmx has also been there from the start supporting bmx flatland at its core.

DownUnderGround contest series is run over a calendar year with the series consisting of 3 competitions. Round 1 is a physical round, with competitors attending the event. This round take place in the early part of the year. Round 2 is a video round with competitors submitting their contest video and then they are uploaded to the BMX flatland Australia YouTube channel. This round takes place in the middle of the year. Round 3 is the finals and again this is a physical round, with competitors attending the event. This round take place at the end of the year.

In the past DownUnderGround had 4 physical rounds then it was reduced to 3 to finally be set at its current format. Australia is a large country and travel to that many contests was expensive to the riders competing. Some of the locations that have hosted a contest have included Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Bridport in Tasmania and Adelaide. A full contest results list can be found on the contest results page here

Bmx flatland riders from all over Australia including some international riders travel very large distances to compete at DownUnderGround. Although DownUnderGround is a competition it is also a great opportunity for riders to travel to see other BMX flatland riders within Australia.

The BMX flatland riders in each of the scenes around Australia are necessary to making an event like the DownUnderGround a success. It is their involvement in the contests that are important for the future growth of BMX flatland in Australia. Downunderground is a very rider community based event.

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