What is BMX Flatland?

BMX flatland is a discipline of BMX freestyle riding. It involves the use of a BMX bicycle and a rider who rides the bike executing tricks on flat surfaces. BMX flatland is different to the other forms of BMX freestyle like ramp, street and dirt. BMX flatland does not include any ramps, jumps or obstacles. Tricks are performed by spinning, rolling and balancing on the bike in a variety of unexpected positions. Riders almost always use pegs (cylindrical platforms) that attach to the wheels axles to stand on to manipulate the bike into even stranger positions.

Most of the riders who ride ramp, street or dirt will ride some or all of these disciplines but rarely ride pure flatland. A pure flatland rider will rarely ride ramps, street or dirt. This is mainly due to a specific flatland bike being different to other BMX bikes. Flatland specific bikes generally are shorter with faster steering which makes the bike less stable for air type tricks. That being said any BMX bike can be used for flatland as long as the rider is suited to the bike.

The other disciplines of BMX have a quicker gratification level than flatland. The dedication to perfecting the techniques is one of the key factors to the progression of learning flatland tricks. A good flatland rider is dedicated to progression.

How do I start riding BMX flatland?

Anyone can ride BMX flatland. Starting out with the absolute basics is all you really need. Any BMX will do in the beginning and it will help you out immensely to have 4 axle pegs and front and a rear brakes. Flatland riding only requires a flat smooth surface so the ability to do it anywhere is endless. There are a lot of videos on line that will get you started on the basics and you can also check out a bunch of web edits in the video section to give you even more ideas. As you get more advanced and learn more tricks you will start to get a feel for what you like in a bike and then you can start to upgrade as you need whether that is a completely new bike or a few parts at a time.

Once you get the basics of flatland riding you will then start to feel more comfortable with your bike and you will start to feel out new tricks and combinations. Some riders prefer to focus on front or back wheel tricks – spinning, turbining, rolling… the list is endless about what you can do and spend your time doing. If you get stuck along the way, feel free to get in touch with us here or head over to the BMX flatland Australia facebook page and post your questions or via the BMX flatland Australia instagram page for ideas.

How do I find riders in my area?

Australia is a big country and riders are spread out within the vast continent. The best way to get in touch with riders is through the BMX flatland Australia facebook page and post your questions, seek out riders in your area and get trick tips as well as technical advice and be involved in the BMX flatland Australian community. You can also contact us here at BMXflatalndAustralia.com and let us know where you are and we can help you get involved.

Where can I buy a BMX Flatland bike or parts in Australia – where can I go?

Flatland is such a small market in the BMX industry that most BMX shops don’t stock Flatland specific parts. Australian owned and operated Colony BMX have a great range of BMX flatland specific parts with their EXON range and their complete flatland bike the APPRENTICE. These products are available from any Colony bmx dealer.

Can I get BMX flatland coaching?

One of the best ways to learn new tricks is to ride with other flatland riders around Australia. Contact us here to help you get in touch with other riders that might be in your area. If you would like more professional coaching then Freestyle Now have a list of talented riders around the country who are able to assist you with learning BMX flatland.

Where can I see some BMX flatland riding?

BMX flatland is always happening within Australia. There are riders all over Australia who ride regularly. If you want to see some live flatland riding there are several ways to do so. Contact us here to put you in touch with riders in your area. Head to one of the DownUnderGround contests that are held around Australia. Or you can check out one of the Freestyle now bmx stunt squads shows. Freestyle Now specialize in BMX show performances, coaching programs and competitions for BMX around Australia. Shows can be anywhere from corporate events to fairs, school assemblies, entertainment at shopping centres and cycling festivals. Check out the Freestyle Now web site for more information.

Who is the best BMX flatland rider in Australia?

Australia hosts a large range of riders who are all of an elite level of riding. The DownUnderGround national flatland contest series is one way you can see these riders competing. Some of the best riders in Australia at the moment include but are not limited to, Simon O’Brian who is a X games gold medal winner and has released two solo DVD’s and is sponsored by Colony BMX, Ben Moran who is one of the most original riders in Australia and is amazing to watch ride, Shane Badman who is a two time Guinness world record holder and is sponsored by Colony BMX, Paul Chamberlain who is currently one of the leaders in the progression of flatland in Australia by taking his riding to encompass many aspects of flatland riding.

Every rider has a different way of riding with a different style which makes it hard to say who the best is. For all we know there may be some Zen like rider in the middle of Australia that no one knows of or it could be you one day.